A Pro Choice Rally in Wenatchee's Memorial Park attracted several organizations and community members on Saturday to protest the Supreme Court's ruling to overturn Roe V Wade.

The organizations who promoted the rally included The YWCA of North Central Washington, Planned Parenthood of Greater Washington and North Idaho,  North Central Washington Democrats, Wenatchee Pride, and The Progressive Delivery.

Pro-Choice Rally organizer Rachel Todd says that while reproductive rights are still protected under Washington law, women in Idaho will lose the right to chose safe, legal abortion. "We have the privilege in this state to still have safe access to abortion," she said, "There are states like our neighbors in Idaho, where it's going to be a lot less safe for folks to even protest this stuff without facing some sort of civil or criminal action from the government."

Rally participant Chloe Williams says it is important to vote for representatives who support abortion rights to continue to keep the right to chose legal in the state of Washington.  "We are not going to stop until we have reproductive rights-the right to choose for our own bodies."

Neither Wenatchee Right to Life, nor Life Choices of Wenatchee responded to KPQ's request for comment.

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