Quincy City Council will have three out of state travels for training purposes to approve at Tuesday evening's council meeting for Quincy Police Department. Detective Joe Westby is heading to Idaho, Chief Keith Seibert to Missouri and Officer Jazzlynn Siva to Alabama.

"The city council requires any travel out of state to be approved," said Pat Haley, city administrator.

Chief Keith Seibert will be heading to Kansas City for an FBI leadership development course.

"It gives him an opportunity for training for leadership development, mass shootings, community engagement, how to keep the peace so forth," said Haley. "The second officer (Siva) is attending a function in Alabama related to digital evidence investigation. The third person (Westby) is going to Idaho for participation in the state Narcotics Investigation Association."

Siva and Westby's travel costs are covered by the association and not charged to the city.

"We are happy to send our guys over for police investigation training," said Haley.


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