Battery material factories Group14 and Sila Nanotechnologies received over $100 million in federal grants, with both companies set to build their new factories in Moses Lake.

The Biden Administration and the Department of Energy have awarded $100 million each to the two companies, to meet the increased demand for electric vehicles and energy storage.

Group14 is based in Woodinville, Wash. and Sila Nanotechnologies is based in San Francisco, Calif.

Both companies manufacture silicon anodes, or lithium-silicon battery materials, for electric car batteries.

Group14 raised $400 million to fund its second factory in Moses Lake, producing 2,000 tons per year, equal to powering at least 100,000 electric vehicles.

Sila is opening their first factory in Moses Lake, and projects that it can increase energy density for lithium-ion batteries by 20 percent.

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