A tour bus driver was killed in the three vehicle collision involving a Quincy School District bus and an SUV Friday morning in thick fog and icy conditions.  The Grant County Sheriff's Office said the collision was around 9 a.m. near Quincy. The victim's identity is being withheld while next-of-kin is notified.

Sheriff's Office PIO Kyle Foreman said all 26 students and the driver of the school bus were transported to Quincy Valley Medical Center for evaluation. The occupants of the bus were not hurt or suffered non-life-threatening injuries. The students range in age from 5 to 15. Foreman said all students have been reunited with their parents.

There were 39 passengers including one tour guide and the driver on the tour bus. The injured were all transported to Quincy Valley Medical Center and are being sheltered in the hospital’s convalescent wing. None of those people sustained life threatening injuries.

The driver of the third vehicle, an SUV, sustained non-life threatening injuries.

The Quincy Valley Medical Center mobilized their disaster response protocol and had triple staffing on-hand in order to handle the amount of patients.

Local public safety agency response included;Grant County Sheriff’s Office, Quincy School District, Quincy Police Department, Washington State Patrol, Washington Department of Transportation, Grant County Public Works, Grant County Fire Districts 3 & 5, Grant County Fire District 5, Grant County Emergency Management, MACC Dispatch, Protection One Ambulance, and chaplains from Faith Community Church, Grant County Fire District #3 and Quincy Police Department.


White Trail Road, or Road U NW to Road 5 NW, was closed west of Quincy around 9:30 a.m. due to a severe accident involving a school bus and a tour bus. Grant County Sheriff PIO Kyle Foreman says the 20 students on the bus were taken to Quincy Hospital for evaluation or to be reunified with their parents.

"Any of the students who were on the bus who were injured have non-life threatening injuries and they'll be re-unified with their parents. There were around 30 passengers on the tour bus and they were also loaded on to another bus and driven to Quincy Valley Hospital for evaluation. None of them have life threatening injuries either."

A passenger car was also involved.

Foreman says they are still trying to get details on what happened.

"White Trail Road will be closed for several hours during the investigation and the recovery effort. We will have additional information later on and we're asking everyone to follow the Grant County Sheriff's Facebook page for continuing information."

Foreman says while they don't a clear cause of the accident yet, the area has been foggy and icy. The Quincy School District was on a two-hour delay.

Drivers are being asked to use alternative routes.

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