The Wenatchee City Pool is back open again.

“We have good temperature, good water chemicals, and everything is fantastic right now,” says the city’s Recreation & Cultural Services Director, Dave Erickson about the pool reopening yesterday (Monday, June 27).

The pool was forced to close on June 13 due to a malfunctioning boiler – a key component in regulating water temperature.

Last week, a second attempt at a temporary fix for the boiler proved successful and Erickson says that’s not the only which has the pool back in business.

“With the daytime temperatures what they are it seems like we may be out the woods for the rest of this season.”

Consistent and sufficient sunlight and air temperatures will heat the pool throughout the summer without the use of the boiler.

The city has ordered a new boiler which will take about three months to fabricate and install.

The pool’s season in scheduled to run through August 13, but might close on August 1 if a project to renovate its liner goes under contract by then.

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