A Wenatchee man will serve more than 23 years in prison after being sentenced Monday for raping a child.

Chelan County Superior Court Judge Robert Jourdan handed down the sentence for 26-year-old David Reverte, who was in the Chelan County Regional Justice Center since being arrested in March.

Reverte accepted a plea bargain from the Chelan County Prosecuting Attorney in exchange for pleading guilty.

The sentence includes lifetime supervision in the community as well as sex offender registration and a lifetime no-contact order with the child.

Reverte pleaded guilty to four counts of rape of a child in the first degree and four counts of incest in the first degree.

His sentence falls in the middle of the range of 20 years up to 26 and a third years in prison for his offense.

“A plea bargain was offered to not only hold Reverte accountable but to also protect the child from the added trauma of taking the stand as a witness,” said Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Julia Hartnell, Special Assault Lead for the Chelan County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.

“Having to face an abuser in open court can be just as traumatizing as the abuse for a victim, particularly a child. When we have the opportunity to hold an offender accountable at a high level while avoiding re-victimizing people, especially children, we take that opportunity.”

Hartnell thanked the Chelan County Sheriff’s Office and Detective Sgt. Brian Lewis and Detective Ernie Senseney, for their role in reaching a conviction.

Hartnell said the detectives’ investigation secured a confession, enabling this offender to be held accountable while preventing the child from having to testify.

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