Wenatchee Police are still looking for a suspect in a burglary last week, as well as the owner of tools that were later found and thought to be stolen. 

Officers went to a reported burglary overnight last Thursday in the 1100 block of North Wenatchee Avenue, and then spotted a pickup truck likely carrying the stolen items two blocks away. 

Captain Edgar Reinfeld says the officers couldn't chase the suspect truck under state law, but located it later at a hotel in the 10 block of North Worthen Street. 

"After further investigation, the officers seized both the trailer and the truck for evidence," said Reinfeld. "They were able to recover property that was believed to be stolen from the initial burglary, and then found all these Milwaukee tools and totes also in the trailer." 

Reinfeld says officers have identified a suspect, but are waiting for public assistance before identifying that person. 

Probable cause was established for the person's arrest and seizure of his truck and trailer. 

They have also not found the owner of tools thought to be stolen. 

The initial burglary occurred at a business which had broken windows. Video footage provided by the business gave officers information about the suspect vehicle  

It was spotted in the parking lot of Office Depot and 9th Street and North Wenatchee Avenue, but officers were not legally able to chase it down. 

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