October’s warming trend along with drier weather is fueling the increased fire activity for the White River and Irving Peak fires this weekend.

The smoke is projected to blow towards the northwest, however there will be some residual smoke that will carry into the Wenatchee Valley and other low lying areas.

All four fires within this area have lingered in growth, staying at 10,621 acres at 10 percent containment.

An Interagency Hotshot Crew has come in to take over some of these tasks, with roughly 97 personnel on the scene.

Firefighters are dropping water on hotspots outside of containment lines. Eliminating hotspots remains to be a high priority as fire activity persists through this week.

Crews have also installed sprinkler systems around properties neighboring these fires to prevent more spot fires flaring up.

They will also reinforce containment lines on the 311 and 6502 roads, preventing further spread into southern and western borders.

Little Wenatchee Road remains closed.

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