A 15-year-old 9th Grader faces felony harassment charges after being accused of threatening a middle school in Othello on Monday.

Officers located and arrested the suspect, off campus, within 20 minutes of receiving a call that someone was threatening McFarland Middle School on social media.

Several schools, including the middle and high schools were already on modified lockdown when officers arrived.

Police say modified lockdowns let teachers continue teaching, while security is increased, often to protect students and staff from outside threats.

The 15-year-old suspect was not armed at the time of his arrest Monday, and was taken without any setbacks from Othello to a juvenile detention center in Spokane.

He was also charged with Disturbing a School in addition to felony harassment.

Othello Police Chief Phil Schenck wrote a post on social media, saying "witnesses reported their concerns to school officials and law enforcement, who worked flawlessly to keep our schools safe.”

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