Two men are facing charges for illegal gunfire overnight Sunday morning in the Omak city center area. 

Officers say witnesses phoned in a description of a man who was firing a weapon near the Rodeway Inn and Los Gallos restaurant. The callers also gave a vehicle description and partial license plate.  

Police Chief Daniel Christensen says a sheriff's deputy first noticed the vehicle and made a high-risk stop. 

"The officers, as they got more units for the high risk stop, recovered a loaded Glock handgun and a loaded AR style rifle," said Christensen. 

Several spent shell casings were recovered near the scene. 

Two men are facing unlawful possession of a firearm charges, 40-year-old Ivan Sanchez and 39-year-old Jason Glandon. Both men have prior felony convictions. 

Glandon faces an additional charge of aiming or discharging a firearm. 

According to Christensen, the gunfire came during an altercation that should not have risen to shots being fired that endangered and alarmed the public.  

He said the Omak Police Department is continuing to investigate the event and multiple additional felony charges are expected to be filed. Evidence will be submitted to the Washington State Patrol Crime Laboratory for further analysis and comparison examinations.

The illegal gunfire was reported at 12:25am Sunday.

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