This week, the Wenatchee Humane Society has selected Beth as the Pet of the Week.

Beth is described as an absolutely wonderful puppy.  The staff says, after just a few minutes of getting to know you, she leans into you for more petting and love.

Beth's smile is as beautiful as her personality. Whoever decides to welcome Beth into their home, is going to be very lucky to have sweet puppy Beth in their life.

Beth, the WVHS Pet of the Week Image: WVHS
Beth, the WVHS Pet of the Week Image: WVHS


Breed: Mixed

Age: 6 mths

Sex: Female

Animal ID A0055397248

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If you are interested in adopting a dog please come to the shelter during visiting hours for a meet and greet, Thursday through Sunday, 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. WVHS is closed on Wednesdays. ADOPTABLE DOGS AT WENATCHEE HUMANE SOCIETY

Vote HERE for the 2024 Canine Royalty.   A fundraiser for Wenatchee Humane Society

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