Randy Agnew is a candidate for Douglas County Public Utility District Commissioner - District 3.

Agnew is a Seattle native and current resident of Rock Island who has also been the town’s mayor for the last seven years.

The 62-year-old software company owner says he became interested in running for a seat on the PUD commission two years ago after the utility adjusted its rates to accommodate several big tech companies who were establishing facilities in the county with large-load power demands.

“The PUD has done a great job for many years keeping our residential rates low. But I disagree with them on those policies and rates for the large-load users, and that’s when I decided that I should run for PUD commissioner.”

Agnew adds he is also troubled by the amount of surplus power being sold by Douglas PUD to markets outside the area.

“As of 2020, which is the last time the PUD published its financial information, 75 percent of the power they produce is sold outside of Douglas County. My argument is to use a little more of that 75 percent inside Douglas County rather than shipping it off.”

Agnew is running against incumbent Aaron Viebrock, who is seeking a second six-year term on the commission.

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