Newly elected Chelan County government officials gathered at the Chelan County Courthouse for their official swearing-in ceremony Thursday morning.

Those sworn in include Chelan County Sheriff Mike Morrison, Commissioner Shon Smith, District #1 Judge Jon Volyn and District #2 Judge Allen Blackmon, and Clerk Marty Young.

Commissioner Shon Smith said he hopes to work on community development projects as soon as he starts work in January.

“The big thing we are tackling is community development and getting leadership that is going to take us into the future and get builders, property owners, and other property rights back to the people, so that we have the ability to do great things in Chelan County,” Smith said.

Sheriff Mike Morrison wants to work on uniting his department next year and get the focus back onto patrol duties.

“We’re going to take a look at a lot of our internal work inside the agency, make sure they are done appropriately, make sure we have the right tracking, and make sure our focus goes back to patrolling and that we are serving the citizens to the best of our ability,” Morrison said.


Chelan County officials will assume their duties on Jan. 3.

For more information on General Election results from November, visit this link.

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