The body of the missing, 62-year-old East Wenatchee man, Michael P. Acon, was recovered from the Columbia River, near the shore of Appleyard, Sunday afternoon. A fisherman called Rivercom when he observed what he presumed to be a dead body floating face down.

Chelan County Sheriff's Department deputies, Chelan County Coroner, Wayne Harris and an East Wenatchee police office responded. A detective also was present to ensure nothing criminal had occurred.

"The gentleman was brought onto the boat and in his pocket he had an ID that pretty much told us who it was," said Harris. "And the autopsy yesterday confirmed Mr. Acon."

He had been missing for three weeks from East Wenatchee.

"No idea how he ended up in the river. There was no injuries to him, internal or external. We took X-rays, no broken bones, no metal fragments from bullets or a tip of a knife, or anything like that," said Harris.

The cause of death was ruled asphyxia due to fresh water drowning. The manner of death will be called undetermined, because it is unknown if he accidentally fell in or it was intentional.

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