I have a certain reverence for the guitar. It can be acoustic, electric, it can be 12 string or six string. I think it began when I was in high school and heard Leo Kotke for the first time. Hearing Leo Play changed my whole idea of what a guitar could sound like. (Plus, I liked his evil sense of humor.) The very first recording I heard was Greenhouse. His guitars were custom built by a company called Bozo Guitars.

A few years later, it was Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin. Jimmy used a Les Paul for most of his work, but he also had this really cheesy Silvertone guitar, black paint with silver sparkles that he used when he played guitar with a violin bow. Years later, I found one in a pawn shop in Seattle for decent money, and I went ahead and bought it. (Still have it) 

Then I started listening to Eric Clapton. At the time he was playing a Gibson SG when he was in Cream but later on, he moved to a Fender Stratocaster. Nothing quite sounds like a Strat.  

I tell you all this because I want you to understand how excited I am. About a new exhibit that's coming to the California Museum. “The National Guitar Museum Exhibition.”  

According to prnewswire.com,
The California Museum will open "America at the Crossroads: The Guitar and a Changing Nation," a touring exhibition from the National Guitar Museum celebrating the evolution and cultural impact of the guitar through history, on Friday, May 24. A bonus section in the California Museum's presentation spotlights Golden State musicians and manufacturers who made their mark globally.” 

This has got me excited, and as I'm writing this, I'm also thinking of The Experience Music Project in Seattle. Of course, now it's called MoPOP. (Museum of Pop Culture.) I have not been there since they changed the name. I really must make a trip sometime soon.  

If I had the time and the disposable income, I would be making a trip to the California Museum to see this exhibit.  

If you have the time and the disposable income, you should do it.

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America at the Crossroads - California Museum
National GUITAR Museum 

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