Link transit signed an interlocal agreement with the City of Leavenworth Tuesday, agreeing to build a water main underneath their proposed roundabout on Icicle Road.

The city is working with Link Transit on a proposed roundabout on the intersection of Icicle Road and US 2.

Link Transit General Manager Richard DeRock says the roundabout would provide better turnaround access for Link Transit buses, especially during the Winter season.

“We actually had to break our route up because of the impacts of snow this year, it sort of put an impetus to get that roundabout together,” DeRock. “We've put that project probably 10 to 15 years ahead of when it would be normally built.”

The city proposed a redesign of the project that would include a water main underneath the roundabout.

According to Link Transit’s packet materials, the City of Leavenworth is planning to upgrade water mains in that area for the next two years.

DeRock said it would be more cost-effective to build the water main now, rather than fix it shortly after the roundabout is built.

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The city will reimburse Link Transit for construction costs related to the new water main. 

They are expecting to receive a contract for construction sometime in May, and have construction finished by the beginning of September.

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