A 19-year-old Wenatchee man accused of DUI related vehicular assault in a three vehicle crash last November is getting reduced penalties. 

Diego Hernandez Ordonez must serve two weeks of work release or community service after pleading guilty to a less severe vehicular assault charge Wednesday. 

Deputies say Ordonez was traveling far above the speed limit in the 1400 block of Wenatchee Heights Road when he hit an oncoming vehicle, which was then hit by a third vehicle. 

Ordonez and the driver of an oncoming car were injured in the crash. 

When other people are injured in a crash, charges are automatically elevated to Vehicular Assault if the causing driver is intoxicated. 

The plea deal filed Wednesday allowed Ordonez to admit to driving with a disregard for others instead. 

Prosecutors recommended a "first time offender waiver", which called for 14 days in jail that may be served as work release or community service. 

Ordonez has until October 1 to complete his service.  

He will also be under community custody for 12 months. 

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