One of three suspects in the murder of a Rock Island Man is free and clear. 

Sabrina McCubbin was charged with rendering criminal assistance in the death of Elias Mora-Ontiveros. 

She and her boyfriend, Erik Farias Reyes, were arrested by a swat team at Lyle's Motel in Wenatchee last month. 

But prosecutors dropped their case against McCubbin Tuesday, saying  an investigation could not be completed in time for a speedy trial. 

Both the defense and the prosecution signed off on the dismissal. 

McCubbin was set to be arraigned Thursday. However, McCubbin's attorney, Jeremy Burke, filed to have Douglas County Superior Court Judge Brian Huber disqualified from the case last week. 

Charges could still be brought against McCubbin in Douglas County at a later date. 

Farias Reyes faces charges of 2nd Degree Murder, Attempted Murder 2nd Degree and Unlawful Possession of a Firearm 2nd Degree. He's also set to be arraigned Thursday. 

Juan Vasquez-Hernandez, 35, of Rock Island is accused of being the getaway driver in the shooting of Mora-Ontiveros that took place just after 1am Monday April 17 near Pangborn Airport. He faces second-degree murder charges for his alleged involvement in this case.  

Deputies say Farias Reyes and Ontiveras were having problems for a week, with Farias Reyes wanting to injure Ontiveras with bear mace. 

The situation escalated when Farias Reyes shot at the car Ontiveras and a driver were riding in as they tried to drive away from a residence near the airport. The bullet reportedly traveled through the seat and into the victim's back. 

 Ontiveras was declared dead at the hospital. 

Farias Reyes is also charged with possession as a prisoner, after being detected with having a baggie of blue pills laced with fentanyl inside a blue glove hidden in his pants while being processed into jail in Chelan County. His arraignment for that charge is Wednesday.

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