A 25-year-old Othello man faces drug dealing charges in what police are calling a month’s long investigation into the sale of illicit fentanyl.

Cody Alvarez and two others were given Adams County Integrated Health Services drug referrals to get help for their drug addictions. Alvarez was booked into the Adams County Jail.

The owner of the home where the illegal drug sales were taking place was given a written notice of Othello Police Department’s intent to civilly seize the house if they continue to allow the trafficking of narcotics in their home.

Officers started the investigation after complaints from local residents who reported suspicious activity taking place at the home.

Othello Police noted the influx of illicit fentanyl pills is causing major problems and said criminal organizations are mass producing the pills and falsely marketing them as legitimate prescription pills.

The department said it's trying to do everything it can to legally hold dealers accountable, and to get addicted persons the help they need.

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