Plans are moving forward to renovate Pangborn Airport's General Aviation building to include a new Executive Flight terminal.

The Washington Army National Guard will take over the entire building that currently houses Executive Fights as early as next year, so the conversion will need to happen quickly.

Troy Bishop is director of design for the architectural firm handling the conversion, ALSC Architects, and he says the transition should be a streamlined process.

"We're thinking since all the fittings and foundations are pretty much done, that this is something a contractor can work on through the winter," said Bishop. "It's not like we need to wait and break ground in the spring like most traditional projects."

The 1960s-era building on the east side of the airport will gain 300 square feet in its change to house the Executive Flight terminal.

Port CEO JIM Kuntz called the design a game changer that can be spread to the commercial airline terminal as well.

"Obviously, hopefully we can take some of these designs and concepts in a revised airport terminal building for the community as well," said Kuntz.

A project summary of the Executive Flight terminal says the building would begin to become a catalyst for the entire airport district.

It said the structure will leave a memorable first impression to the region’s visitors and be the landing point for future generations flying to Pangborn.

The new layout of the building will increase from around 6,400 square feet to 6,700 square feet in the project, which is estimated to cost $4.5 million. It includes 2,300 square feet of terminal space for events.

Some of the cost may be paid for through debt financing, along with money previously set aside for the project. But that portion will be determined later.

The plan for the terminal uses what the project summary refers to a Great Hall concept, which "allows for a contiguous public space that celebrates the existing structure and the ability for views along the length of the building."

The summary goes on to state that private terminals have become an investment for many towns and cities in the Pacific Northwest, which creates a first impression for each community.

It says the first impression for Pangborn has an incredible opportunity due to its current location, and nostalgic character of the barrel vault structure of the General Aviation building.

The project is expected to go out for bid this fall.


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