Quincy Valley Medical Center will start making preparations soon for the construction of a new hospital.

A $55-million bond to pay for the new building was approved by voters in August 2022. It will replace the existing and aging hospital.

"It's too small. We can use a couple more beds in the emergency department. The layout isn't really cohesive to medical needs in this day and age when it comes to HIPAA." Marketing Director Shannon Durfee said.

The need for a bigger facility prompted the center to purchase property next to the current building.

"With the hopes of someday, we are going to build a new building. So now we are combining all the lots together. We are going to ultimately demolish some outbuildings," Durfee said. "There's a well smack dab in the middle of the property that needs to get adjusted, location wise. And so those kinds of smaller prep work are going to start happening here probably by April."

Durfee says the new hospital will address many of the needs that the current building doesn't have such as adequate space.

"We just need to be more accommodating, a better flow for the workers and the patients," Durfee said. "We're having to rent space for physical therapy. The new building will provide space for physical therapy plus adding some more services will give "wound care" their own space through the clinic." Durfee said.

The existing hospital is around 37,000 square feet. Durfee says the new building is still in the design phase so she won't have an estimation on the square footage for a couple weeks. She says the building will be larger in size.

Construction crews are expected to break ground on the new hospital in August.

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