After eight years in the local produce market, Rhubarb Market is closing their doors on January 31.

The Rhubarb Market is an enclave of local organic produce, handcrafted specialty goods, located in downtown Wenatchee 10 N Wenatchee Ave.

Owner of Rhubarb Market Sandi Bammer decided to open a local produce store after working at Farmhouse Table, a store managed by Community Farm Connection.

After Community Farm Connection closed down in 2014, Bammer worked to keep local produce available for the Wenatchee community.

“The goal was to provide our local growers and food producers an outlet for their goods that wasn’t just the farmers market, as well as providing more access to the public,” Bammer said.

The decision to close down Rhubarb Market was due in part to rent increases, restrictions placed on their planned deli area, and their juice bar plans falling through.

“I just really want to thank the valley for being such great supporters of the market and helping create a really lovely local food community,” Bammer said.

Future updates on what is happening at Rhubarb Market will be posted on their official Facebook and Instagram pages.

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