There's now a second murder suspect in the August shooting death of 16-year-old Yair Flores in Wenatchee.

KPQ Tri-Cities sister station KONA reports 27-year-old Javier Valdez was arrested in Walla Walla and will be returned to Wenatchee.

Court records show Valdez was charged with 1st Degree Murder in Chelan County on the same day last week - Thursday Oct. 5 - as was 19-year-old Markheil Leon Ford of Wenatchee.

Deputies say Valdez walked with Ford to the residence of Flores, where Ford allegedly shot and killed Flores.

"Javier walked up with Biggie (Ford) to Yair's bedroom and stood by while Biggie fired into the residence," said Detective D. Graves in an Affidavit of Probable Cause. "Javier took no action to stop Biggie and has done nothing to report this incident to law enforcement"

The affidavit also described Valdez as "a highly violent Sureno gang member with multiple firearms related convictions."

In addition, the affidavit said Valdez "has been known to stay at a DOC half-way house located on Houston St. as he is currently under DOC supervision."

It's not clear when Valdez will be returned to Wenatchee.

He faces the same charges as Ford - Aggravated First-Degree Murder and First-Degree Burglary.

Detectives think the shooting could be connected to a previous gang confrontation in July at Big Lots in Olds Station where Flores allegedly fired a gunshot, but did not injure anyone.

Ford appeared in Chelan County Superior Court Tuesday and now has a $5 million dollar bail.

Valdez will have no bail until he makes his first appearance in court.

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