A report from the Washington State Auditor's office shows  former Douglas County Treasurer Natalie Marx fell behind by $6.3 million in paying federal payroll taxes.

The report confirms the late payments cost the county about $101,000 in IRS late fees.

Marx accepted responsibility for the errors last August.

She was removed from office the following month by Dougals County commissioners, although she was not accused of criminal wrongdoing.

Felisha Rosales was appointed to replace Marx as Treasurer in December.

Between March 2020 and March 2021, the County paid 13 payroll taxes payments, totaling about $6.3 million, one to four days late, with the exception of one payment that was 109 days late because of a technical issue.

Because of the late payroll tax payments, the County was slapped with $30,000 in late fees from the IRS and incurred about $71,000 in late fees for the Eastmont and Brewster school districts (The county handles taxes for the school districts).

The IRS then reduced the late fees by about $27,000.

Marx worked in the Douglas County treasurer’s office as a deputy for 13 years before being elected as treasurer in 2018.

She was initially suspended from office last September while the county filed a lawsuit over her conduct related to the payroll taxes and late fees.

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