There are now four semi-finalists for the Wenatchee School Superintendent position. 

The School Board met privately for 15 minutes Tuesday evening before board member Martin Barron kicked off public action on the selection process. 

"I move that the board has now selected candidates A, B, E and F for a semifinalist interview for the superintendent position," said Barron. 

The board then voted unanimously for the semi-finalists, who were not identified by name. 

A consultant from McPherson & Jacobson will now join board members to interview the four candidates before the field is narrowed to two or three as early as Thursday. 

The board will meet for approximately two hours privately Wednesday in an executive session. 

In addition, it's scheduled to meet privately Thursday for up to the three hours before taking public action at about 8pm, where it could narrow the candidate field. 

Finalists for the position could be announced either late this week or early next week.  

Public forums with the finalists will eventually be announced as they'll visit the district in person at some point. 

Wenatchee Schools' plans to have a new superintendent hired by April, with that person in place by July 1st.   

Current interim Superintendent Bill Eagle is a former Wenatchee teacher, who is Associate Director of Student Success and Learning with the North Central Educational Services District.  

He agreed to a one-year contract to serve as Wenatchee superintendent until June 30. 

The school board will also have to deal with a looming $9 million budget shortfall. 

District spokesperson Diana Haglund said a lot of movement with personnel will be coming. 

Its’ not known if the school board private meetings Wednesday and Thursday will include discussion on personnel issues in relation to budget cuts that will have to be made.  

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