The Wenatchee School Board is beginning the process to hire a consultant that'll assist the board in choosing a new superintendent for the district.

Current interim Superintendent Bill Eagle is working through a contract with the North Central Educational Service District, which expires at the end of next June.

Board President Martin Barron says their calendar calls for the next permanent Superintendent to start work the very next day.

"And so, we have a lengthy process of seeking to find our replacement," said Barron.

The board approved the document Tuesday that'll be sent out to find consultants and search firms interested in the project. The document is known as a request for proposal. Interested consultants have to submit their paperwork by September 15.

The school board hopes to have a consultant in place by mid-October to start the process of choosing the next Superintendent. (Previous Superintendent Paul Gordon resigned this past June because of family circumstances requiring him to return to the Midwest.)

The consultant will survey school staff and members of the public to develop a profile of the desired superintendent. School Board members Laura Jaecks has been part of a superintendent search in the past, and she says members of the community must not be ignored.

"We want to build a relationship with everybody who is a stakeholder in our community, and moving forward, make sure that everybody's input is valid, valid and valued," said Jaecks.

Engagement with community members is scheduled to take place between October and December of this year.

The board will then approve the position profile in January, and the consultant will recruit and screen superintendent candidates through February of next year.

Candidate interviews with school board members will take place in March, and the hiring with process taking place shortly afterward.

The new Wenatchee School Superintendent will start work on July 1, 2023.

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