There's now a Winter Weather Advisory until 8am Wednesday for the Wenatchee region. 

National Weather Service meteorologist Joey Clevenger says the advisory was added to the forecast just before 6am Tuesday because of a change in the weather pattern. 

"We've been tracking this low off the coast, and it's not dropping as far south," said Clevenger. "So, we're going to get a little bit more moisture associated with it into our area. The snow amounts, especially on Blewett Pass, have increased from previous forecasts." 

Blewett Pass is now expected to get 6 inches of snow, mostly this evening. Stevens Pass and Snoqualmie Pass are not expected to get significant precipitation. 

Most of the snow fall will take place above 2,500 feet. 

Clevenger says the snow isn't that unusual for this late in the winter season, although it shouldn't present any lasting travel problems. 

"It's just this time of year, we do get a little bit of heavy burst of snow every so often. But it doesn't seem to be sticking around as long with the warming temperatures and longer days." 

The Wenatchee area is not expected to get any snow. 

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