Three Chelan County inmates charged with violent and deadly crimes now face assault charges after being accused of attacking a fourth inmate. 

Wenatchee Police says the three punched, kicked, strangulated and stomped on a 30-year-old inmate Saturday afternoon. 

Among the three accused inmates is 18-year-old Jairo Enciso, who is charged with murdering an East Wenatchee teenager last year.  

The other two are 23-year-old Zachary Justin James Craig who was charged with a stabbing in Pennsylvania Park in Wenatchee last December and 40-year-old Michael Royster who was charged with a stabbing outside a Wenatchee bar in May. 

Officers say strangulation from Craig caused the victim to lose consciousness. The victim later refused medical treatment at a hospital. 

Police filed a preliminary statement in Chelan County Superior Court Monday asking for Second Degree Assault Charges against the three inmates. 

Officers say the assault took place just before 4:30 pm Saturday. 

Enciso was 17 when he was accused of 2nd Degree Murder and 2nd Degree Unlawful Possession of a Firearm in the shooting death of a 15-year-old boy in Wenatchee.  

He's since pleaded not guilty to the crime which took place in the 600 block of Mission Street during a Saturday night Quinceanera (a celebration marking the 15th birthday of a girl) in August of 2023.  

Craig is charged with 1st Degree Assault for the stabbing of a man at Pennsylvania Park in Wenatchee on December 16, 2023. 

Royster is accused of stabbing a Wenatchee man outside the KAOS Bar on Wenatchee Avenue just before 2 am on May 18. 

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